How do I use DWF?

  1. Use DWFmaker to generate an DWF file by printing from a Windows program
  2. Next, put the DWF file up on the web

    That's it!

To publish your files on the web

DWFmaker generates DWF files. To use these files on your website, create a link to your .dwf file (as you would with a .jpg or .gif image)

That's it!

Plug-ins are available from Autodesk and 3rd parties for popular browsers





DWF Viewers

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ZoomOn Java CADViewer

PowerView CAD EDM

DocuPoint DrawingSearcher

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Cimmetry Systems AutoView

Actify 3DView

PocketCAD for Windows CE Handhelds

Spicer Imagenation CAD Viewer

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