Instructions DWFmaker demo is supplied for your evaluation. DWFmaker is provided for your evaluation
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DWFmaker for NT/2000/XP or DWFmaker for Windows 95/98/ME
DWFmaker for 95/98/ME requires Windows 95 or Windows 98 or Windows ME
Download your demo of DWFmaker here
DWFmaker for NT/2000/XP DWFmaker for 95/98/ME
1. Click on Get DWFmaker
2. When prompted for a folder, choose something convenient like C:\TEMP
3. After the download is complete, use Windows Explorer to browse to C:\TEMP
4. Double click on DWFmaker*.exe to begin extracting DWFmaker files



Current versions: 95/98/Me 1.00.1B27, NT/2000/XP 1.00.1B27

Download sizes: 95/98/Me 826kB, NT/2000/XP 794kB

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