What is DWF?

  • DWF is Autodesk's file format for web viewing and printing. DWF files are compressed vector files designed for fast transmission over the Internet

Where do DWF files come from?

  • Autodesk products such as AutoCAD, LT, AutoSketch and QuickCAD generate DWF files natively
  • DWFmaker generates DWF files from non-Autodesk programs like the standard Windows software you already own and use, including Microsoft Office applications and a wide range of non-Autodesk CAD, graphics and business programs

What can you do with DWF?

  • Publish your designs and drawings efficiently on the web and on intranets
  • Email drawings and documents efficiently for printing on any printer
  • Post documents at online collaborative exchanges such as Buzzsaw
  • Exchange graphical information during collaborative product design and development
  • Implement browser based business and manufacturing processes

What can you do with DWFmaker?

  • Publish DWF files from the desktop programs you already own and use
  • Add office charts, gantt charts, spreadsheet views, graphs, tables, memos, web pages, costings and more to your project information store
  • Send vector output to colleagues efficiently without the drama of requiring applications software
  • Archive drawings, tables and text in a compressed, viewable file format simply by printing to file
  • Can you print it from a Windows program? Then you can store it in a DWF file with DWFmaker.

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